Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Motorcycle Mojo

I am so far behind in my blog! Let me attempt to catch up a bit here.
Last fall, I was contacted by the editor of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, out of Ontario, to do a shoot of a custom bike here, near Duncan.

Local bike builder, Fred Belanger of West Bike, has over the years been working away on a pretty cool ride - a custom Honda CB750 twin turbo with automatic transmission!
The photo above it kinda funny. The "Hot" knob actually controls the boost gate, I think, if I remember correctly...

Some of these photos and others were published in the March issue of Motorcycle Mojo as the feature article. Six pages of my photos plus the centre spread! It was pretty cool to see this in print. I bought a couple copies and the editor sent me some more :)

Boost gauge and a tachometer. What else do you need? Hahaha...

This is actually a wheel from a Honda CRX car! Yes, this is a custom bike!

 Fred is pretty much retired as a bike mechanic and is now working on bike restorations and enjoying life on two wheels. He even suggested little road trip on his restored Kawasaki 900 this year. I may just have to take him up on that!
Over and out, Kurt


  1. Love this set, Kurt, what an awesome bike and builder you've captured and shared here!!

    1. Thanks Scott! I was happy to get such a cool subject to shoot!