Monday, December 9, 2013

Parks and Recreation

I recently finished another Parks and Recreation project for The Municipality of North Cowichan. Along the way I encountered new challenges, met new people and had a great time!
I did a bunch of photos at the Aquatic centre which was a real challenge since half of the pool area is lit with warm coloured lights and the other half is cool coloured lighting. Ad to this, my lights and you have a lot going on. And as it happened, both days I shot there, the natural light coming in the windows was very little. Big rainy-nasty weather was keeping it dark. Not very often I need to shoot at ISO 8000!


 I'm tempted to let people guess the locations of these following parks. I will make it a bit easier by breaking the parks down, one by one.

Park 1.

Park 2.

Park 3.

Park 4.

This is the pool for another session.  

This is an easy one! A whole town of murals...

Park 5.

Park 6.

Park 7.

Park 9.

Park 10.

Thanks once again to all those who made this possible! Without the help of people volunteering to model for these photos, this project would not have turned out as it did. You will be seeing these and other photos around the Cowichan Valley in print and online as promotions for North Cowichan Parks and Recreation.

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